Cider Falls 3

Friday, February 10, 2012

Children Of God

When we first felt we we're going to adopt, Jason was out in Oklahoma on business and spoke to a co-worker about it who shared that he was adopted. Then he showed Jason how to send this video to me. I watched this on my cell phone and it melted my heart. As Christians, we have all been adopted into the kingdom of God. I am so thankful to be adopted. It feels so very right to do the same with His abandoned children. Thank you Jason's co-worker for passing on this video.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

About Our Journey

When we first got married, we had a great plan for our family. 3 kids, spread out evenly a few years apart. Perfect right? Maybe not...After we had our son, we waited a while and then struggled for 5 years to have more. We now understand just how much control we have over how our family is meant to be...None! 

God is in control and He has opened our eyes and hearts to those who are innocent and lonely and longing for a family to call their own. He placed it on our hearts to reach out to the children of Ethiopia. Why not America, we looked into that, we also looked into other countries but that's not where He has called us. We know we've been called to adopt. We know we've been called to pursue adoption in Ethiopia. But that's about all we know. We are in constant prayer for His guidance during our journey. This blog was created so we can share our journey with you. 

Thanks for joining us :-)