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Friday, February 1, 2013

Today We Are DTE!!!!

We are finally DTE, which means we are finally in the shoot for a referral!!
1st step- Paperwork gathering (The Dossier)- That has taken us quite a while but it's finally completed.  
2nd step- Paperwork is turned in, processed at the agency and Dossier is sent to Ethiopia (this is where we are today!!) We are also placed on a list for referrals for children!!!
3rd step- Referral received (We don't know when this part will happen. We are in the waiting stage now) We will get a call from our agency and an email containing the history, a picture and details about children they recommend for adoption by our family. We will have a week to accept that referral.
4th step- Once we accept the referral, we wait for a date to go down to Ethiopia to spend time with the children and go to court where they will officially become ours.
5th step- We return without our children to bring the court paperwork back to the U.S. so it can be processed and all the things that need to happen can happen for them to get visas to enter the country.
  Please pray with us that steps 4, 5 and 6 will be combined soon so there will only be 1 trip to Ethiopia to bring the kids home. Due to recent changes in the process, this is something that could possibly happen.
6th step- Once all paperwork is processed here and sent back to Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Embassy completes all the necessary checks to release our children we will get notification of our Embassy date.
7th step- We return for our Embassy appointment after which we get to bring our children home!!!!

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